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Our agency is the Best travel agency in Hyderabad


Plan Your Trip Agency, LLC is a travel advisor agency owned and operated by NITHISH AND RAMU . We are friends team dedicated to helping our clients organize and plan their travel, always doing our utmost to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our agency is the Best travel agency in Hyderabad. We have personal knowledge of destinations around the world. In addition, anywhere in the world you want to go, we have specialists there that assist us plan the perfect itinerary!

Our agency is the Best travel agency in Hyderabad. Plan your trip travel agency to combine our passion for travel with our desire to assist leisure, business or group travelers enhance the value of their travel experiences. It is a business of details. We want to insure that all aspects of a trip are a good fit for our clients. To that end, we are resolute in totally understanding the goals, objectives and budgets of our clients so we can present them with multiple alternatives for fun, educational and relaxing travel.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

  • We provide additional value and add no additional cost-We are paid by the travel vendors and suppliers.
  • We save you time – We provide research, support and advice not available to mass market on-line travel booking.
  • We are inquisitive and resourceful-Our goal is to have a complete understanding of your travel style, needs and objectives in order to enhance and enrich your travel experiences.
  • We are Virtuoso Travel Advisors– We enjoy sharing our global travel experiences, but offer much more through our affiliation with the Virtuoso travel network. Through this global network of top-notch travel suppliers, we provide expertise and connections that provide more value for your travel budget and travel offers that you simply won’t get on your own.

Our agency is the Best travel agency in Hyderabad Whether you are planning for an adventure travel getaway, wedding, honeymoon or babymoon, a family vacation at the beach, a safari,  luxury river cruise, luxury ocean cruise, wellness travel at an exotic destination, group or corporate travels, We are dedicated to understanding your travel needs and expectations and we’re motivated to insure you achieve them. Call us today to begin planning the trip of a lifetime!

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Ocean cruises provide a luxurious, convenient way to travel across the world, offering a variety of destinations and all-inclusive experiences. Popular destinations include the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska, Asia, and Northern Europe. Planning depends on the itinerary, duration, budget, and cabin type. Enjoy relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration with top-notch service.

Best travel agency in Hyderabad

River cruises provide a unique, immersive travel experience along famous rivers like the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Douro, and Mekong. They offer comfort, scenic routes, cultural immersion, and gourmet dining. The best time for a river cruise depends on the destination, with spring and fall being popular for European rivers and the dry season for Asian rivers.